Accelerate Discovery & Find High-Confidence Targets

The Seq-N-Edit Core at the University of Houston is fully equipped and capable of conducting a variety of research tasks in the field of molecular biology, sequencing and genomic editing.

We offer academic labs and biotech companies a one-stop pipeline for functional genomics to accelerate discovery research and find high-confidence targets for publications and therapeutic development.

Our Services

  • Next-generation Sequencing
  • Quantitative PCR
  • High-content Cellular Assays including 3D Live Imaging
  • siRNA/miR Screening Capacity
  • CRISPR Genome Editing
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Here to Help You

We are available to discuss your project ideas and help you build a custom pipeline to make your project a success. Drop off your DNA/RNA samples, and we will perform every step to get you the desired results.

In addition, we can assist teams with custom cell culture needs and high throughput cell biology experiments by request.

Schedule a Meeting or Ask for a Quote

Please email us at if you have questions, would like to meet with us or request a price quote.