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Next Generation Sequencing

Illumina NextSeq 500

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Cost-effective and powerful sequencing tool with a quick turnaround time.

  • Whole-Genome
  • Exome
  • RNA
  • microRNA/small RNA
  • rChIP
Application High-Output Flow Cell Configuration Mid-Output Flow Cell Configuration
Gene Expression Profiling
> 10 M Reads
1 × 75 bp
40 Samples 11 Hours 13 Samples 11 Hours
> 40 M Reads
2 × 75 bp
10 Samples 18 Hours 3 Samples 15 Hours
Enrichment Panel
12 Mb Region
> 20× coverage at > 95% targets
36 Samples 29 Hours 12 Samples 26 Hours
Whole-Exome Sequencing
> 90% at > 10× coverage
9 Samples 18 Hours 3 Samples 15 Hours
Small Whole-Genome Sequencing
130 Mb Genome
> 30× coverage
2 × 150 bp
30 Samples 29 Hours 10 Samples 26 Hours

Sequencing Price List

Library Preparation for Illumina NextSeq 500

Nucleic Acid QC/QA Services

Agilent 2100 BioAnalyzer

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DNA/RNA Quality & Quantity Assay

  • Quick, Per-Sample Pricing Available
  • High-sensitivity DNA Chip
  • Total RNA Quality (Nano Chip and Pico Chip)

Qubit 2.0 Flourometer

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Reliable Quantitation Assay

  • Detect as low as 10 pg/μl of DNA or 250 pg/μl of RNA

TBS-380 Mini-Fluorometer

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  • Nucleic Acid/Protein Quantitation
  • Enzyme Studies


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DNA/RNA Quality & Quantity Assay

  • Requires 0.5 – 2 µL of your sample
  • Calculates sample purity ratios (260/280 nm and 260/230 nm)

Sequencing Validation and Gene Profiling Services *

* Includes labor and all reagents except primer.

Bring us the primers and templates; we can set it up for you.

Reagent Program for Sequencing and High Throughput Genomics

Agilent mini freezer program (MFP), no shipping and handling. Let us know if you need other reagents from Agilent, and we will place a special order for you.

Product No. Product Description List Price Discount Price Through Core MFP
600677 Herculase II Fusion DNA Polymerases, 200 rxn $245.00 10% $220.50
600105 AffinityScript Multiple Temperature Reverse Transcriptase, 10 rxn $47.51 10% $42.76
600892 Brilliant III Ultra-Fast SYBR® Green Low ROX QPCR Master Mix, 400 rxn $349.00 10% $314.10
600890 Brilliant III Ultra-Fast Probe Low ROX QPCR Master Mix, 400 rxn $349.00 10% $314.10
600886 Brilliant III Ultra-Fast SYBR® Green QRT-PCR Master Mix, 400 rxn $584.00 10% $525.60
401490 AriaMx 96 well plates, skirted and low profile, 25 plates $200.00 10% $180.00
200249 XL1-Blue Competent Cells, 5 X 200 uL $144.00 10% $129.60
210518 QuikChange Lightning Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kit, 10 Rxn $259.00 5% $246.05

Illumina NextSeq 500 library preparation kits (Special discounts off Illumina listed price)

High Content Cellular Imaging and Analysis (Coming Soon)

For assays requiring high content imaging, we will offer the Incucyte and Nikon platforms, which have fully automated imaging capacity.

These systems combine outstanding optical components with software and application support to allow high-throughput microscopy and sophisticated image analysis. Images can be stored within our network and can be re-analyzed with available software.

IncuCyte ZOOM Live-Cell Analysis System

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Automated high-throughput live imaging and analysis with 3D capacity.

Nikon Eclipse Ti-E Inverted Microscope System

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Automated stage and JOBS Module to set up effortless multi-well plate imaging and analysis, even at high magnification and resolution.

Gene Editing and Functional Assays (Coming Soon)

    • Technical Resources and Methods:
      • Designing and making sgRNA constructs (Downloads a Word file)
      • Making gRNA without cloning (overlap PCR template generation; pptx file)
      • Zhang lab CRISPR resources (consult if you are new to CRISPRs)
      • Benchling has nice CRISPR guide RNA selection tools, including HR template design
      • Singh et al. A Mouse geneticist’s practical guide to CRISPR applications. GENETICS, 199:1-15 (2015)
      • Using SCR7 to promote homology-directed targeting over NHEJ - Protocol expanded from the GENETICS paper
  • RNAi/ siRNA
  • microRNA
    • The Seq-N-Edit Core can order and create custom libraries and relevant screening reagents for siRNA for the human and mouse genomes, and human and mouse miRNA libraries (mimic and inhibitor). Custom libraries for cherry-picked hit lists are very useful to test functional relevance of candidates identified from analysis of sequence data.

Other Core Instruments

  • Misonix Sonicator 4000
  • Jouan RC1010 Vacuum Concentrator Centrifugal Evaporator
  • TissueLyser